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Many South African businesses have lived to tell the tale of load-shedding, frequent power outages and high electricity costs in 2015. And it is not over until it is over. View post
To reduce the economic impact of the current energy crisis, the Western Cape government (WCG), the City of Cape Town and businesses in the region have agreed to work together to find innovative solutions for alternative energy generation.To reduce... View post
Business Energy Tips - Lighting Most offices are only occupied up to 60 hours a week. How many times have you seen lighting on in businesses well after hours? Maybe even yours. The electricity being used to light these empty spaces is not only... View post
How do I save more? It is a question asked by the pro-active. It requires an answer with accurate data and reference. Doing it properly can streamline your processes in the quest for efficiency but where do you start?  View post
Johannesburg - Blackouts have cost South Africa as much as R300bn since 2008, according to economist Dawie Roodt of The Efficient Group, the Sunday Times reported. View post