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The Edge For Men hair salon franchise has grown considerably over the last number of years – now as far afield as Menlyn, Pretoria. Each new store has also included little tweaks by the design team as well as a business strategy to lower operational... View post
Zip Print has been an established, family-run printing business situated in Fish Hoek. Besides the obvious production requirements needed for their small factory they also have a “front-of-office” section that has recently been revamped.  Read the... View post
Sea-facing apartment block, Pont du Gard, has kept up more than appearances of late. Lighting Revolution has recently installed a new LED lighting system for their common corridor areas and basement parking.  Read the full case study here: View post
Edge for Men
Following similar designs around the country, Edge for Men introduced energy-efficient lights throughout the entire store for the first time. This included prominent retail display that usually consume high levels of power as well as attractive... View post
A prominent JSE-listed company recently began energy- efficient roll outs at a variety of their manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and warehouses around the country. The business chose T5 systems for their plants, preferring the trusted... View post
The Lighting Revolution showroom is a valuable sales asset to our customers. The display is designed to discuss the various options available to the customer as well as compare old technologies against the energy efficient solutions that we provide... View post