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After a prolonged court battle, Eskom has received the OK from the Constituional Court to pursue a R60 billion under-recovery, widely expected to be achieved through tarriff hikes next year. Industry experts say this could be as much as 50% although... View post
Going green is good for business and good for the environment. Implementing good go green ideas doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money. In fact, using effective go green ideas can actually save you money. View post
The Tesla Powerwall, the battery system developed by entrepreneur Elon Musk, is coming to the land he once called home - South Africa. View post
SOUTH Africa has the potential to become a major unconventional gas producer‚ according to a new World Energy Council report launched at the Africa Gas Forum. View post
The Democratic Alliance (DA) has urged the National Energy Regulator (NERSA) to reject the price hike being asked for by Eskom. View post
The PSEE - Private Sector Energy Efficiency project is an initiative set up by the NBI, Department of Energy and UK to provide a budget for auditing and inspection of South African businesses. The costs of the audits are coverd by the PSEE except... View post