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When considering sensor and occupancy technology for your lighting arrays, sometimes access to the lamps and the cost of wiring each lamp becomes so prohibitive that it doesn’t make the conversion feasible. The Lite-C wireless RF technology takes... View post
Dyson is widely known for its futuristic vacuums, Airblade hand dryers, and bladeless fans and heaters. Now, it hopes to be known for something else: efficient LED lights. View post
Lighting is a significant component of any company’s energy use. Lighting Revolution suggests ways industrial plants can save on lighting. View post
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Recognizing that catastrophic failure of electronics in an LED luminaire is a concern, the DOE recommends a new way to account for such failures in addition to the widely used L and B specifications. View post
While the South African lighting industry is currently experiencing an infrastructure-development-driven boom, Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa president (Iessa) Gustav Kritzinger, says that constraints to industry growth exist in... View post
The rapidly developing LED market has resulted in a state-of-the-art High Bay system capable of generating almost 120 lms/W from fixture. The Econolight Stratos uses premium Nichia (Japanese) Chips, Meanwell Drivers (Taiwan) and a compact, robust... View post