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Printafoil, based in the Western Cape is a family run printing business specializing in printing and packaging of carton products. They print premium brands among their many customers and consider environmental impact and green initiatives as an... View post
Business Energy Tips - Lighting Most offices are only occupied up to 60 hours a week. How many times have you seen lighting on in businesses well after hours? Maybe even yours. The electricity being used to light these empty spaces is not only... View post
South Africa's energy woes are a "challenge", but not a crisis and the government knows how to address it, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday. View post
Load-shedding is: When there is not enough electricity available to meet the demand from all Eskom customers, it could be necessary to interrupt supply to certain areas. This is called load shedding. It is different from a power outage that could... View post
Over 120 years ago, Nikola Tesla provided artificial light to both fluorescent and incandescent lamps using magnetic induction. Tesla alleged that the electrodeless magnetic system provided a quality of light and more importantly, an efficiency of ... View post
The rapidly developing LED market has resulted in a state-of-the-art High Bay system capable of generating almost 120 lms/W from fixture. The Econolight Stratos uses premium Nichia (Japanese) Chips, Meanwell Drivers (Taiwan) and a compact, robust... View post