Lighting News

Andreas Wilson-Späth
Andreas Wilson-Späth Africa has immense potential to generate electricity from sunlight. In fact, the continent should really be leading the rest of the world in this department. View post
South Africa would get a much better return on its energy investments if it planned a smarter and more flexible electricity grid, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) researcher Steve Hedden said on Tuesday. A better grid would also boost the... View post
With South Africa currently under threat over the lack of energy resources, experts from GIBB, South Africa’s leading black-owned multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm, Paul Fitzsimons, General Manager of Power & Energy; and Dr... View post
The Lighting Revolution showroom is a valuable sales asset to our customers. The display is designed to discuss the various options available to the customer as well as compare old technologies against the energy efficient solutions that we provide... View post
South Africa’s government has established a “war room” to tackle energy shortages that have led to managed blackouts and contributed to the economy’s contraction in the second quarter. While there have been 99 days of scheduled power cuts this year... View post
Waterfront Leathers shop front
Waterfront Leathers, obviously happy with the technology originally installed, again turned to Lighting Revolution to assist them in meeting reduced consumption charges as well was to improve lighting levels for customers and merchandising.  Read... View post