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The human eye has been an integral part of mythology - the third eye of Lord Shiva or the Ra in Egyptian mythology . Almost 80% of our learning comes through vision. It is nothing short of a small wonder that our eyes are able to sense 10 million... View post
Maintenance conducted due to plant experiencing problems (unplanned outages) was sustained at below 4 900MW. View post
We love LED lamps, but getting them to dim reliably can be a bit of a minefield View post
A prominent JSE-listed company recently began energy- efficient roll outs at a variety of their manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and warehouses around the country. The business chose T5 systems for their plants, preferring the trusted... View post
As all South Africans know there is a serious issue when it comes to the availability of electricity but I feel that shouldn't be the case View post
Since Christmas lights are left on for all hours of the night and LEDs use up to 33% less energy, the holidays are an opportune time to take advantage of LED Christmas lights. But LED lights not only use less energy while helping you save you money—... View post