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The human eye has been an integral part of mythology - the third eye of Lord Shiva or the Ra in Egyptian mythology . Almost 80% of our learning comes through vision. It is nothing short of a small wonder that our eyes are able to sense 10 million... View post
Maintenance conducted due to plant experiencing problems (unplanned outages) was sustained at below 4 900MW. View post
We love LED lamps, but getting them to dim reliably can be a bit of a minefield View post
A prominent JSE-listed company recently began energy- efficient roll outs at a variety of their manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and warehouses around the country. The business chose T5 systems for their plants, preferring the trusted... View post
According to the Zim government, a deal which will see South Africa sell 300 megawatts of electricity to Zimbabwe daily is ‘close’ to being struck. View post
As all South Africans know there is a serious issue when it comes to the availability of electricity but I feel that shouldn't be the case View post