Robus LED HiMast Lamp | BAT

Providing an LED floodlight that is truly capable of replacing very high output HID lamps has been difficult due to the demands of heat dissipation and light output from the technology available.

utilising the high-performance CREE XTE chips, Robus has managed to design a system that can meet these requirements whilst still maintaining the performance of the SMD chips and LED Driver. Clever use of heat exchanger pipes improve heat dissipation.

The floodlight can be provided in 3 power outputs as well as 3 beam angles to suit the requirements of the project. It also has a variety of colour temperatures to keep aesthetic preferences in mind. Although the unit cost of the product is high in comparison to conventional HID systems, project managers should be aware of the obvious power savings (more than 50%) as well as maintenance costs that are not required for over 50 000hours. The hire and labour for work at 30m is significant and is a contributing cost that this LED High Mast solution provides.



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  • 5 Years

Product Details

  • Power options available: 300W, 400W and 500W
  • Alluminium housing with glass lens cover
  • Compact design with excellent heat dissipation
  • Heat exchanger piping to improve performance and lifespan
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor use - IP65 rating
  • 50 000 hr lifespan. 
  • Mounting bracket to change to a floodlight fitting also available
  • CREE XTE SMD chips
  • variety of beam angles to customise work plane lux requirements


Power Rating 300W 400W 500W
Comparable to 700W MH 800W MH 1 000W MH
Total Power (W) 300W 400W 500W
Power Factor 0.95 0.95 0.95
Total Light Output (lm) 23 500 32 000 38 000
Lux at 1m 21 500 28 600 35 800
Beam Angle (deg) 25,60,90 25,60,90 25,60,90
CCT L100 (K) 4 000 4 000 4 000
CRI at L100 70 70 70
Luminaire lm/cctW 76 76 76
Lifetime L70 F10 (hrs) 50 000 50 000 50 000
Quick Comparison
Lamp Type 1 000W Metal Halide 500W BAT HiMast
Actual Power 1 080W 500W
Per 12hr Day R 15.56 R 7.20
Per Annum R 5 677 R 2 628
Net savings per annum - R 3 049
Replacements in 5 year period 5 -
Run Cost over 5 years (with lifting) R 36 000 R 16 700
Saving per High bay in 5 yrs - R 19 300
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