Robus Universal 360 degree PIR Sensor

The universal PIR sensor from Robus allows the client the versatility of a recessed or surface mount housing - all in one package. The 360 degree PIR sensor is ideally suited to office applications and an optional remote control purchase will also allow independant control of the linked lighting system.

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Product Description

  • Suitable for both surface and recessed applications
  • Plug in terminal block and sensor module; fast fix
  • Large terminals accept 2 x 1.5mm² conductors in each terminal; facility to loop in/loop out to parallel sensors or multiple fittings
  • Adjustable time delay ensures that lighting is switched off
  • Adjustable passive photocell; inhibits switching where natural light is sufficient
  • High load contact rating; allows numerous fittings to be switched
  • Injection moulded ABS body – impact resistant
  • LED compatible at maximum rating below
  • One remote will control a number of PIRs within a range of up to 12 metres
Diameter (mm)


Depth (Surface) (mm)


Depth (Recessed) (mm)


Cut-out (mm)


Weight (kg)


Detection Area

360Deg high sensitivity PIR sensor

Motion Detection Range

10m diameter at 2.8m

Occupancy Detection Range

6m diameter at 2.8m


Max 600W flourescent/LED Max 2000W incandescent

Time Settings

10 seconds to 40 minutes adjustable

Lux Settings


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