OrbitX Direct Drive LED Tube RETROFIT

The next evolution for LED systems is now available in linear tubes. After a considerable design time and testing, we are pleased to partner and co-develop production of a 220V LED tube system using Direct Drive technology. 

Our retrofit model includes a 1 metre power lead already connected to the internal AC-Driver. This means that it is technically classed as a fixture and wont void any warranty you have on your existing fittings when retrofitting. Simply replace the old inefficient tube and plug the power into the incoming 220V.

- no conventional step-down drivers required - less cost and less chance of failure

- carefully planned electronic topology to reduce and minimise flicker

- Excellent lumen output and available in all conventional sizes.

- Existing fixture warranties and guarantees are retained - no wiring modification required.

Welcome to the LED tube Lighting Revolution!

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As LED lumen packages improve, the power required to drive the arrays and solutions has become increasingly important. Conventional drivers that need to step power down from 220V to regulate output to the LEDs take up space, add cost and most importantly, are the most prominent cause of premature failure mostly as a result of heat. Remove this feature and significant improvements to LED design can be achieved.

Successful designs of downlights and bigger lamp systems have already been introduced into the market but development of linear Driverless LED tubes has been difficult, mostly because of space constraints.

Until now.

OrbitX Direct Drive uses cleverly designed topology to ensure that the potential lifespan of LED driverless systems can be achieved. The biggest challenge that Driverless systems have is the reduction of flicker. OrbitX achieves near flicker-free performance and excellent heat management through it's unique design topology.

Packaging this, along with other important features like fire retardents, class-leading 1500V surge protection and no wifi interference (often assosciated with traditional drivers), make the lamp almost unmatched in linear lighting products.

Assembled completely in SA, this product increases local content requirements for larger projects and also allows easy servicing in the unlikely event of failure. Simply install in your existing fittings and connect the power lead for a retrofit fitting offering excellent LED properties without affecting the certifications of your fitting.



Features and Benefits

  • 220V Drivereless LED system - no ancillary internal or external drivers required
  • 1m retrofit power lead included on every tube
  • dual end plastic pins - zero chance of electric shock when fitting tubes
  • 65 000hr anticipated lifespan
  • 2ft (9W); 4ft (20W) and 5ft (23W) available
  • 110 lumen per watt package
  • IEC 61547 compliant - no interefence with wifi and snanning frequencies
  • True 0.95 power factor
  • Class D compliant Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 3500K - 6500K colour temperatures available
  • CRI > 80
  • 270 degree beam angle
  • Instant start and unlimited switching
  • 1500V MOV surge protector
  • V0 fire rated - no flaming droplets from the tube
  • No external metal on housing - reduced chance of electric shock
  • 5 year warranty