Econolight 36W LED Panel | 600x600

Office lighting contributes a significant percentage of power usage in buildings - whether operational in daylight or 24/7 circumstances - and a popular fitting to replace is the conventional T8 600 x 600 recessed louver fittings.

The Econolight LED panel light is just such a light - offering high CRI values for good quality rendering as well as significant lumen output at a power rating of only 36W. It is well finished with aluminium edging and harbours some of the best technology to support - SAMSUNG (Korea) edgelit chips and a Meanwell (Taiwanese) driver.

Plug and play - simply remove the old fixture, connect up and enjoy long lasting savings.

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Product Description

  • Light output comparable to 3 x 18W or 4 x 18W fluorescent T8 tubes
  • Fits into standard sizes of ceiling grid – 600mm x 600mm panels
  • 35,000 hour average lamp life. Up to 4 times that of a standard fluorescent
  • Simple to install and low/no maintenance
  • Low glare diffuser – 5000K colour ensures this product can be successfully used in offices, hospitals, restaurants, leisure, retail and educational centres
  • Suitable for PIR switching
  • Standard and Emergency Panels are IP40
  • Econolight panel can be upgraded to Dali and sensor dimming options
  • Emergency versions available

5000k - or variety thereof

Comparable to

3x18W or 4x18W fluorescent

Total Power (W)


Lumens L100 (lm)

3 500

CRI at L100


Luminaire lm/cctW


Lifetime L70 F10 (hrs)

35 000

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


IP Rating


LED Driver Meanwell
Quick Comparison
Lamp Type 4x18W T8 Grill 36W LED Panel
Actual Power 79W 36W
Per 12hr Day R 1.14 R 0.52
Per Annum R 415 R 189
Net savings per annum - R 226
Replacements in 5 year period 3 (4 tubes each) 0
Run Cost over 5 years R 3 043 R 1 223
Saving per lamp in 5 yrs - R 1 820
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