Econolight LED Office Light | Surface Mount

The  Econolight™ LED office lamp is a well-crafted luminaire capable of delivering significant power savings as well as a long life span saving on maintenance costs. The beautifully finished lamp is covered with a translucent polycarbonate cover preventing excessive glare. There are a variety of colour temperatures to cater for "look and feel" and the elegant design is easily attached to the ceiling surface. 

The fixture is available in a variety of power and size options to best cater for the required application.

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Product Description

  • LED baseplate with SMD chip
  • Power configurations: 30W; 40W; 48W; 60W; 80W
  • Rolled steel with white powder coating and PC diffuser
  • Fast-connect terminals with LEN insulation pad
  • Multiple power entry
  • Built in high frequency ballast
  • Available in a variety of colour temperatures to fit mood and lighting requirements
  • Emergency options available
  • 3 year warranty
Power Configuration 30W 48W 60W
Actual power consumption 30W 48W 60W
Voltage AC 250 - 265 V AC 250 - 265 V AC 250 - 265 V
Power Factor 0.95 0.95 0.95
Lifespan 50 000hrs 50 000hrs 50 000hrs
Luminous Flux Rate 100m/W 100m/W 100m/W
Lumens 3 000 4 800 6 000
Colour Temperature 4 000K / 6 500K 4 000K / 6 500K 4 000K / 6 500K
Colour Rendering 0.80 0.80 0.80
Startup Instant, electronic,  Instant, electronic,  Instant, electronic, 
Materials Mild Rolled stell + Powder Coating Mild Rolled stell + Powder Coating Mild Rolled stell + Powder Coating
Driver Econolight Econolight Econolight
Quick Comparison
Lamp Type 2x36W T8 Fluorescent 48W LED Office
Actual Power 80W 48W
Per 12hr Day R 1.15 R 0.69
Per Annum R 420 R 252
Net savings per annum - R 168
Replacements in 5 year period 4 0
Run Cost over 5 years R 2 820 R 1 633
Saving per twin fitting in 5 yrs - R 1 187
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