Robus Space LED Panel Light | 600x1200

The slim profile LED panel light allows you to create a beautiful environment of space and a sense of natural light.

Fast and simple to install, it replaces the standard 4 x 18W T8 lay-in module to provide energy efficient, but perhaps more importantly, low maintenance solutions where constant replacement of fluorescent tubes and cleaning of the fitting can be avoided.

Installed where energy savings and low maintenance costs are of paramount importance it will enable the building to achieve a low carbon footprint and complies with today’s building regulations producing a massive 84 lumens per circuit watt.

Dimmable and emergency versions available.

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Product Description

  • Light output comparable to 4 x 36W fluorescent (replacement for fluorescent modular fittings)
  • Fits into standard sizes of ceiling grid – 15mm and 24mm
  • Complies with Part L2 of building regulations
  • 50,000 hour average lamp life. Up to 5 times that of a standard fluorescent
  • Simple to install and low/no maintenance
  • Low glare diffuser – 5500K colour ensures this product can be successfully used in offices, hospitals, restaurants, leisure, retail and educational centres
  • Suitable for PIR switching
  • Standard and Emergency Panels are IP20
  • IP54 version suitable for clean room environments
  • Dimmable Panel enables dimming using DALI protocol BS EN 62386 – 101:2009. Panels can be made individually addressable. Full smooth dimming range from 100% to 0%
  • Dimmable and emergency versions available


Comparable to

4 x 36W fluorescent

Total Power (W)


Lumens L100 (lm)

5 000

Lux at 1m (lux)

1 600

CCT L100 (K)

5 000

CRI at L100


Luminaire lm/cctW


Lifetime L70 F10 (hrs)

50 000

Length (mm)

1 190

Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (kg)


Quick Comparison
Lamp Type 4x36W T8 Grill 74W LED Panel
Actual Power 158W 74W
Per 12hr Day R 2.28 R 1.07
Per Annum R 830 R 389
Net savings per annum - R 441
Replacements in 5 year period 4 (4 tubes each) 0
Run Cost over 5 years R 5 205 R 2 289
Saving per lamp in 5 yrs - R 2 916


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