Econolight 5W LED PL Lamp Retrofit

PL lamps are commonly CFL mini-tube lamps used in housings to create an energy efficient downlighter. Usually, more than 1 PL lamp is used to get acceptable lux levels over the illuminated area. LED development has meant that even further power savings can be generated but due to heat sinks, this is currently only workable on horizontallay angled lamps. The Econolight PL lamp has an adjustable base that can rotate 270 degrees to ensure that optimum light direction is achieved.

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Technology Type

SMD LED chip and drivers

Replaces the following Lights

  • Low powered Metal Halide downlights
  • CFL PL lamps


1 year manufacturing warranty

General Detail

  • Rotatable G24 base allows optimum lighting direction
  • 50 000hr lamp life
  • No UV and lowered heat emmission
  • Direct "plug and play" - no conversion required
  • 100% recyclable materials - no mercury involved
  • Aluminium heat sink for optimum life span
  • 12 month product warranty
  • A variety of colour temperatures available
  5W PL Retrofit
Actual power consumption 5W
Voltage 90 - 265V
Output power 5W
Lifespan 50 000hrs
Lumens 420lms
Colour Temperature WW, NW, CW
Heat Output low
Colour Rendering >0.70
Startup instant
Green & Environment 100% recyclable
Quick Comparison
Lamp Type 2 x 18W CFL lamps 2 x 5W LED PL Lamps
Actual Power 36W 10W
Per 12hr Day R 0.518 R 0.144
Per Annum R 189.26 R 52.57
Net savings per annum - R 136.69
Replacements in 5 year period 4 0
Lux Levels Equivalent