Induction Streetlight | R-02

Induction lamps in Cobra Head streetlight housing. IP65 rated for external use, this energy efficient solution brings equivalent or superior lighting levels using electromagentic induction principles. Most of the light is in the visible spectrum which allows lower power ratings with the added benefit of a 60 000 hr operational life meaning less maintenance and workorder / job allocations.

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Technology Type

High Frequency Internal Induction Light

Replaces the following Lights

  • Up to 400W High Pressure Sodium Lamps
  • 200w - 400W Metal Halide lamps
  • 150W - 200W LED Streetlights


3 years manufacturer's warranty

General Detail

  • Variety of bulb power: 80W, 100W, 130W, 160W & 200W
  • Simple installation - 220V
  • Large savings on lighting power consumption over traditional luminaries
  • Superior Lux levels at max heights
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to long operational life
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Zero electromagnetic or harmonic interference
  • Zero mercury content
  • White Light or Yellow Light colour options
  • UL, CE and RoHS certification
  • Appropriate height: 5m - 10m
  • Up to IP65 weather rating
Actual power consumption 100W
Voltage 220W
Current 0.41A
Working Frequency 2.65MHz
Power Factor 0.99
Appropriate Height 5~ 10m
Lux Levels 8m 32
Lifespan up to 100,000hrs
Luminous Flux Rate 70% after 60,000 hrs
Colour Temperature 2700-6500K
Heat Output 60-70C
Colour Rendering 0.85
Startup Instant
Enviromental IP 54 - 65
EMC Zero emission
Green & Environment 100% recyclable
Quick Comparison
Actual Illuminance Measured - Street EFL Series 8m height from the ground
Test Objectives: Our Street EFL Series-100w (Lampost Height 8m: Actual Watts Spent 90w)
Measuring Spot Environment Lux Measured Value Actual Value Standard Value Judgement
Right Below The Street EFL 0.14 Lux 32.24 Lux 32.10 Lux 20.00 Lux Meet Standard
Corner A of the Ground 0.16 Lux 5.51 Lux 5.35 Lux 3.60 Lux
Corner B of the Ground 0.16 Lux 3.36 Lux 3.20 Lux 2.70 Lux
Corner C of the Ground 0.17 Lux 3.52 Lux 3.35 Lux 2.70 Lux
Corner D of the Ground 0.13 Lux 5.19 Lux 5.06 Lux 3.60 Lux
Corner E of the Ground 0.15 Lux 12.96 Lux 12.81 Lux 11.00 Lux