Robus OHIO 12W LED OVAL Bulkhead

Robus OHIO is an exterior LED bulkhead range that is supplied in wither an oval or round shape. The 12W SMD LED provides effective illumination for traditional bulkhead lighting and is supplied in a simple PC material with black or white trim (each trim is available in one box).

Well priced and simple with Robus international quality.

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  • Stylish LED Bulkheads for residential or commercial applications.
  • Available in 8W or 12W in Oval or Circular
  • Comes in White with a Black Trim as an accessory in the box.  
  • Polycarbonate construction which is impact resistant, and internally disguised screws to add security where needed.
  • Double insulated, these do not require an earth.
  • Concealed Screws
  • UV stabilised
  • Op temp -20 C~+40 C
  • 3 year warranty
Colour: White
Total Power (W): 12
Lumens L100 (lm): 900
CCT L100 (K): 3000
Luminaire lm/cctW: 75
Lifetime L70 F10 (hrs): 30 000
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