About us

Lighting Revolution is a South African owned company who specializes in supplying energy-efficient lighting solutions to industrial, commercial and residential premises. Using the very latest technologies to optimize power savings without compromising lighting levels, our services extend to lighting design, project management as well as installation and ethical disposal of replaced infrastructure.

Our company is a selected distributor and reseller of European brands as well as our own range of locally supported energy-efficient lighting products. We also work closely with Eskom and the rebate structures available to commercial and industrial businesses.

Long life spans of energy efficient and LED products ensure savings for many years to come and product selection is done with a green earth in mind – minimizing carbon impact and the use of harmful products like mercury. We pride ourselves on our prices and service with the ultimate objective of offering you a sustainable product that can add profit directly to your bottom line.

Our Mission

To source and supply quality energy-saving lighting solutions for Southern Africa.

Our Objective

To conduct audits of existing lighting installations and advise on the most efficient solution to optimize our client's requirements.

Our Guarantee

To ensure that energy-saving targets are met with without compromising quality – our lighting products are developed with long-term strategies and guarantees.


The official policy of Eskom is to reduce electricity demand nationwide and they offer various incentives to achieve that goal – participation in this initiative qualifies our clients for a substantial incentive subsidy.


Extremely long life spans plus the latest technology that does not use liquid mercury, along with low energy consumption are all kind to our environment and lead the way to a greener, healthier earth.