• Lighting Revolution specializing in energy efficient lighting solutions


    Welcome to Lighting Revolution (Pty) Ltd – a company specializing in energy efficient lighting solutions.

    Utilising the latest efficient lighting products, we model the most economical solutions for immediate power saving and long term profit generation.

    We look forward to any opportunity – big or small – to work with our customers building towards a more efficient, profitable and sustainable planet.

    Join the revolution – we give you the green light!

  • Energy-efficient solutions


    We regularly visit a variety of tradeshows and exhibitions as well as develop our lighting requirements with our established suppliers.

    As a South African company we have identified the lighting systems that will have the most impact in our market. Our country has never needed energy-efficient solutions as urgently as it does now. 

    The Econolight™ range of products cater for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications – all with the intention of reducing your generating profits and providing a sustainable working environment.

  • Energy crisis


    Our country is in an energy crisis. Demand is far out-stripping supply and the rising cost of building power generating facilities is becoming an expensive overhead to business and families.

    Eskom has realised that offering companies an incentive to reduce their consumption on the national power grid provides an immediate and long term benefit for the country.

    Subsidising a variety of approved technology, Eskom will help companies with the capital requirements needed to convert into a more energy-efficeint operation.

    Lighting Revolution (PTY) Ltd assists and advises our customers with this process. Just another part of our service.

  • lighting products developed with long-term strategies and guarantees


    In order to ensure that energy-saving targets are met without compromising quality, our lighting products are developed with long-term strategies and guarantees.

    Besides manufacturing certification which include: UL, CE and RoHS certifications, Lighting Revolution (PTY) Ltd regularly visits our suppliers to ensure that good manufacturing processes and guidelines are followed.

    Econolight™ technology is approved in the Eskom Standard Product and Standard Offer programmes and our lighting systems have a manufacturing warranty for up to 3 years.

  • Lighting Revolution helps a greener, sustainable planet


    There can be little doubt that environmental impact and sustainability initiatives are becoming a prerequisite for doing business. Lowering your carbon footprint and improving your company's environmental impact has never been so important.

    Lighting Revolution (PTY) Ltd subscribes towards achieving a greener, sustainable planet. Utilising Econolight™ technology helps companies and households achieve their environmental mandates by lowering carbon emissions and ensuring a long operational life so as to reduce manufacturing requirements.

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