Robus Triumph Activate 8W LED D.O.B Downlight

Robus Triumph Activate

The Robus Triumph Activate is the first, commercially available, true Driver-On-Board (DOB) technology for LED downlights. Don't be fooled by other competitor's claims of an integrated or included driver - those are hidden cleverly at the back!

The true advantage of DOB technology means that no electrolytic capacitor exists - the LED chip is powered by semi-conductor and therefore not prone to the typical failings of capacitors of around 25 000 hours. We can therefore be very confident that the expected lifetimes claimed will actually be met - not guessed!

Besides this key feature, the product includes a variety of other notable patents and accessories: It is fire-rated for the building industry, rated IP65, has a swift lock connection system, it is dimmable, a variety of trims are available and easy to add and include's Robus' LEDchroic lens system that mimics the look of a dichroic halogen and can also change beam angles without the need to purchase a separate lamp.

The Robus Triumph Activate - once again pushing the boundaries of technology and expertise.

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  • True Activate Driver-On-Board (DOB) Mains Operated technology – providing dimmability, driver efficiency and reliability (no electrolytic capacitor)
  • Chip-On-Board (COB) for superb light output, high efficacy and long life
  • High lumen output of >640 lumens
  • Low power consumption of 8W
  • Low heat emissions
  • Efficacy of >80 luminaire lm/cctW to comply with Part L1 & L2 UK Building Regulations
  • Integrated insulation stand-off enabling insulation to be laid over the fitting
  • LEDchroic optic & reflector achieving unequalled light distribution, uniformity and clarity, whilst replicating tradional dichroic aesthetics
  • Pre-wired with ROBUS SWIFT 4 pin male/femal plug & play connector with large terminals and integrated cable restraint,  fast, simple and efficient installability
  • Wide flange with short narrow main body which covers existing cut-outs so great for retro-fit and is ideal for shallow ceiling voids
  • Dimmable with selected dimmers
  • Accessories available as per below: 60 deg lens, chrome and brushed chrome bezels
  • Operating temperature range of -20 dec C to + 45 dec C
  • IP65
Total Power (W)


Power Factor


Total Light Output (lm)


Beam Angle (deg)


Lux at 1m (lux)


CCT L100 (K)

3000 or 4000K

CRI at L100


Efficacy (lm/cctW)


Lifetime L70 F10 (hrs)


Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)


Cut-out (mm)


Weight (kg)


Ingress protection (IP)


Quick Comparison
Typical 6*5m meeting room Halogen 50W Robus Triumph 8W
Total Fittings used 30 15
Average Illuminance 379 lux 375 lux
Uniformity 0.92 0.93
Total power consumed 1 530 Watts 124 Watts (92% saving)


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