Econolight T5 Vapour Proof Lamp | Emergency

The Econolite™ 2x28W vapour proof with emergency function is a maintained T5 lamp system offering both energy saving over conventional T8 lamps as well as a standby battery in the event of a power failure or load-shedding. The system charges the battery during normal operation and in the event of power loss, switches over to the 90min battery and powers a single 28W tube @ 28% power (8W) - providing sufficient light for emergency purposes. This lamp is particularly useful where lights are operational for 24 hours.

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Product Description

  • T5 triphosphor tubes
  • Power configurations: 2x28W (Emergency power switches to 1x28W @ 28%, therefore 8W)
  • ABS base and PC cover with Stainless Steel clips
  • Multiple power entry options
  • Supplied with tubes and high frequency electronic gear
  • Glands and accessories provided
  • 90min standby emergency inverter and battery pack
  • indicator light for charging and emergency function
  • 1 year warranty on tubes, battery & inverter. 2 year warranty on ballast and fitting.
Tube Configuration 2 x 28W
Actual power consumption 56W
Emergency power consumption 8W
Voltage AC 250 - 265 V
Power Factor 0.9
Lifespan 20,000 hrs
Luminous Flux Rate 98 Lm/W
Lumens 5 500
Colour Temperature 4 000K / 6 500K
Colour Rendering >80
Emergency Standby Time 90mins
Materials ABS base holder; PC cover
Ballast Econolight
Quick Comparison
Lamp Type 2*36W Fluorescent 2*28W T5 Fluorescent
Actual Power 80W 56W
Per 12hr Day R 1.15 R 0.806
Per Annum R 420 R 294
Net savings per annum - R 126
Replacements in 5 year period 4 2
Run Cost over 5 years R 2 712 R 842
Saving per twin fitting in 5 yrs - R 1 870
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