Robus 10W Emergency Lamp | Golf

Reducing energy costs and therefore carbon emissions is of primary importance for all building types. Utilising the latest Surface Mount Diode LED and driver technology these fittings provide a cost effective, energy saving solution for applications ranging from illuminating bathrooms to larger communal lounge areas.

The emergency version of this popular lamp offers a 3 hour battery life and 180 lumens of light - approcimately 23% of the maintained output.

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Technology Type

LED SMD plate

Replaces the following Lights

  • 28W 2D CFL fitting
  • 50W Metal Halide
  • 60W incandescent fitting


5 years manufacturer's warranty

General Detail

  • LED replacement for 28W 2D surface fitting
  • High efficiency diffuser
  • 50000 hour average lamp life
  • Compliant with Building Regulations Part L1 and L2
  • C/w 3 hour emergency gear
  • 180lm in emergency mode
  • 23% of the maintained output
  • Energy savings of almost 65%
  • High efficiency Pro-diffuser allows maximum light transmission, provides low glare, creates even light distribution – no hot spots
  • High impact resistant polycarbonate Pro-diffuser is strong and durable
  • Utilises high quality long life SMD technology, providing 750 lumens using only 10 watts of power
  • 75 luminaire lumens/circuit watt
  • Compliant with Building Regulations Part L1 and L2
  • Can be switched by microwave, PIR and/or photocell
  • Microwave Sensor available
  • Chrome trim available (R282TRIM-03)
  • Suitable for 24/7 use


Colour: White
Comparable to: 28W 2D fitting
Total Power (W): 10
Lumens L100 (lm): 800
Beam Angle (deg): 110
Lux at 1m (lux): 250
CCT L100 (K): 4000
CRI at L100: 75
Luminaire lm/cctW: 80
Lifetime L70 F10 (hrs): 50 000
Diameter (mm): 330
Depth (mm): 118
Weight (kg): 1.8
Quick Comparison
Lamp Type 28W 2D CFL lamp 10W LED Golf Lamp
Actual Power 28W 10W
Per 12hr Day R 0.403 R 0.144
Per Annum R 147.10 R 52.57
Net savings per annum - R 94.53
Replacements in 5 year period 4 0
Lux Levels Equivalent
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