GELS-EM3 LED IP65 Emergency Dropped Legend, 3hr

The EM3 LED Emergency Dropped Legend unit is designed for ceiling mounting and has a 24m viewing distance.

An IP65 rated waterproof housing is optional and supplied separately upon request.

It uses a quality lithium battery (LiFePO4) and has self-test functionality.

Each unit comes with 4 directional (up, down, left & right) legends with a running man and arrow.

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Input Voltage: 220-240V
Technology type: LED
Mounting Options: Ceiling Mounted
Product Dimensions: 326 x 211 x 80mm
IP Rating: IP65 (optional)
Operating temperature:
Expected Lifetime: 3 years for the LiFePO4 Battery
Warranty: 3 years
Certifications: SABS approved

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