Philips T8 Fluorescent Power Saver Set


Philips are one of the world’s largest fluorescent lighting producers so it makes sense that this brand was at the forefront of designing energy-efficient alternatives before LED became fully entrenched.

The TLD Master series is an intelligent ‘starter’ that is used with an improved phosphour to achieve equivalent light levels at lower energy consumption. The package is designed for older fluorescent magnetic control gear where starters are used.

Simply replace the starter and tube together and your energy levels will reduce by up to 30% without the need for any further electrical intervention. If one considers the prices, this becomes a very attractive option to achieve energy savings on older technology without more significant capital investment.

Please select specifications
Power Consumption: 12W 92ft); 23W (4ft); 37W (5ft)
Driver Type: Magnetic ballast
Technology type: T8 Fluorescent
Colour Temperature: 4000K; 6500K
Colour Rendering Index: 0.82
Beam Angle: 360deg
Mounting Options: T8 end cap
Product Dimensions: T8 diameter (28mm); 60cm; 120cm and 150cm options
Materials: Glass tube
Finish: Frosted
Operating temperature:
Warranty: 6 months

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