The Robus Brand

Lighting Revolution is a proud distributor of Robus product in South Africa. We are fortunate to be involved with a young, dynamic team with plenty of experience in the rapidly changing world of LED. For more detail of the company, its Directors and vision, we include a short summary below:




LED Group brings a wide range of lighting solutions to your door in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Designing and manufacturing products under the ROBUS brand, the company was established in Dublin in 1984 by Michael Slein.The LED Group is committed to meeting the needs of today’s wholesalers and contractors through the ROBUS range of commercial, residential and retail fittings.

We think and act like a family at the LED Group, with each employee driving with belief, passion and energy the group’s core values — commitment to meeting customer needs and pleasure in business relationships, nurturing productive teamwork.


International Reputation

An Irish owned company, the LED Group has a global presence and a reputation worldwide for first class customer service and products.

We currently employ over 450 people worldwide. LED Group has ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance Accreditation and insists upon uncompromising attention to detail and care throughout all processes and practices within the Group. The ROBUS range of products integrates new technologies with an emphasis on high performance LEDs, focusing on energy savings and functionality.

Showrooms, head office and 100,000 sq ft purpose built warehousing and distribution centre stocking 25,000 pallets of over 1,000 leading products, distributed to 40 countries worldwide, from New Zealand to Iceland.

Office and sales team of 35 directly employed LED Group personnel. Every member of our team has a manageable area which further impacts on the service levels to our customers.

Offices in Benelux, Dubai and Brisbane service our export markets, stocking a combination of catalogue items and local product requests. Each sales team consists of employed LED personnel who uphold the LED Group core values of accountability – we always do what we say we will do, ambition, empowerment, customer focus and fast pace.


Our Vision, Mission, Values


Light has no boundaries, only possibilities.

Our Vision
Light has no boundaries! Light stimulates and informs us — it effects how we see our world and the way we feel. Light is integral to architecture, definition and beauty. Light is life. Just like light, our brand ROBUS and our people know no boundaries. There is a demand for fresh and exciting products and working practices to satisfy the desires of an ambitious team spirit.

Our Mission
To make our internal and external customers stick to us like glue.

Our Values
Our people live LED Group’s values regardless of place or position. These values represent who we are and what we stand for; this is what we’re all about.

Accountability: We always do what we say we will do.
Ambition: We have ambitious growth plans and attract ambitious people.
Empowerment: We give people autonomy to do their jobs effectively.
Customer Focus: Our customers are the reason we exist.
Fast Pace: We make decisions quickly, communicating positive energy and drive.