Emergency Compliance

Emergency Compliance

Emergency lighting compliance and design has always been in the realm of expensive engineers and consultants. Lighting Revolution designers are certified in emergency design, ensuring that our solutions meet the stringent standards of South Africa’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Non-compliance in your business can have serious ramifications in the event of a severe or catastrophic incident. Besides the obvious and incredibly serious loss of life, business insurance and cover may be limited or withheld if you do not meet the stringent standards of the Act.

Our emergency audits can be included in a variety of our services along with regularly scheduled maintenance readings to ensure consistency and compliance for your records. These services can be provided from design work as well as physical metering with approved technology, directly from our team.

A recent article published in Sparks Electrical News features the formation of ELASA (Emergency Lighting Association of South Africa) of which Lighting REvolution is a proud founding member. Read more here on the newly formed legislation and mandatory requirements...

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