Energy Storage and Supply

Energy Storage and Supply

South Africa has a power crisis and loadshedding has become a very inconvenient part of our daily lives. Utilising energy-efficient lighting solutions are vital to designing backup power as well as self-generated power. Lowering your demand results in more cost-effective solutions.

Lighting Revolution uses lithium battery storage solutions coupled with relevant inverter technology to your application. We partner with electricians to install sub-distribution board points that meet electrical compliance and isolate specific circuits.

We typically use 5kVa solutions with stackable battery storage but can modify solutions based on your expectations and budgets. As with our lighting solutions, financial and leasing tools are available to fund these interventions because the advanced technology has a long lifespan.

With regards to self-generation, we do not do this directly with our clients but work closely with trusted brands and installers capable of designing specific solutions. As with lighting there are many options available so we prefer to deal with companies who have proved themselves over the years.

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