Financing and Rental Solutions

Financing and Rental Solutions

Sometimes the best energy- and cost-saving intentions come to a grinding halt because of funding. Despite the incredible efficiencies and benefits that can be achieved by our solutions, the payback period or capital costs needed to intervene are insurmountable.

We’ve recognised these limitations and subsequently teamed up with reputable financial service providers in order to customise a rental or leasing solution to address the challenges.

A vital component to the success of this solution is ensuring that the energy efficiencies achieved are more than the cost of the equipment leasing over the warranty of our products (which is typically 5 years). This results in a zero-capital requirement and the project can be considered as a maintenance expense.

Very importantly, over the lease period, we are responsible for the maintenance of the lamps. Any premature failures or non-performance will require a repair or replacement, ensuring you achieve your energy savings without any compromise to your light quality or compliance.

We are only able to offer these solutions because we invest in the very best of the technologies available. Any compromise on quality for price would end up significantly costing our business to continue replacing defective equipment. These solutions are only possible with the ‘best-of-the-best’.

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