Lighting Audits

Lighting Audits

The most important aspect of determining the best solution for your project is to understand what your baseline or current consumption is.

Although it might seem as simple as just ‘counting lights’, the lighting audit requires proper identification of the existing technology and their inefficiencies as well as the current light output being achieved.

A comprehensive inspection of your facility will be required and using this data, your electricity bill and your time-of-use, will give a realistic value to the cost of this important overhead.

We now objectively consider the proper replacement for you along with your strategies which may include: Health and Safety, capital budgets, maintenance improvements and preferred technology.

Potential savings, return on your investment and even lighting expectations from our design team will show you what our solutions can yield.

Audit fees are negotiable depending on complexity and call out. However, should you go ahead with our solution and intervention then this cost will be credited from the total project amount.

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