Econolight Induction Lamp 20W E27 30000hr lifespan


Using high-frequency magnetic induction as a power source, these E27 self-ballast bulbs offer amazing lifespans and energy-efficiency. They are essentially fluorescent technology with an opitimised power source and with an E27 base (that can easily be supplied with an E40 adaptor), they are very useful to retrofit larger HID systems.

Used as a ‘bridge-technology’ before LED became more affordable these ultra-reliable lamps are available at great value whilst stocks last.

As a testament to their longevity, a 20W bulb is still going strong after being installed in an outdoor security circuit (night operation only) since November, 2017. That’s an impressive 25000+ hours so far with direct sunlight received during the day and harsh temperatures at night over 6 winters! Far less maintenance and downtime that traditional CFL bulbs.

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Power Consumption: 20W
Input Voltage: 180 - 265V
Power Factor: > 0.80
Technology type: Induction
Luminous Flux: 1258 lumens
Colour Temperature: 6500K
Colour Rendering Index: > 80
Mounting Options: E27
Operating temperature: -20°C to 40°C
Expected Lifetime: 30000 hours
Warranty: 6 months

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