There can be little doubt that since Thomas Edison's lightbulb, LED (Light Emitting Diode) has had the most significant technological advancement of recent times. Manufacturing processes and scale has resulted in drastic cost reductions whilst efficiencies continue to improve.

As our planet continues under the increased burden of energy demands, LED has been so efficient at lowering consumption, improve longevity as well as a host of other beneficial factors. Such are the improvements that many governments around the world are prohibiting the manufacture and indeed, use, of incandescent lighting.

There are still pitfalls however. Designs and construction without proper adherence to legislation or oversite have lead to many products falling short of promises. Beware the unbelieveable prices - there is always a reason for it!

Our business journey has seen the development of the technology from the early beginnings right through to the 'latest tech'. The rate of development and improvement is unlikely to supercede historical rates of development but the scale of acceptance and investment into LED has resulted in ever-improving prices.

Be a part of the journey with us!

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