Lighting Revolution opened it's doors before 2010 but induction lamp technology had been around since the time of Nikola Tesla. In fact, it was widely considered superior technology to Edison's incandescent light bulb at the time but this proof of efficiency took many, many decades to prove.

In simple terms, Induction technology uses high-frequency magnetic induction to excite mercury amalgam which releases UV light. This UV light is absorbed and re-emitted as visible light by the phosphor coating on the inside on the bulb. The similarities to fluorescent technology are readily apparent - only the 'excitement' of the amalgam differs. Much like an induction stove and a gas stove do similar things to heat a kettle but with vast differences in efficiencies, induction lamps and incandescent technology can be compared in the same...ahem...light.

Our business has evolved along with the developments of technology and when LED reached a commercially viable point, there was an obvious alignment with customer preferences. We still have limited stock of some of these products. Nothing wrong with them by any means but with the ever improving pricing of LED, these items are sold to clear.

There is little doubt that Induction technology built the foundation of our business. It was the perfect trusted technology to transition to LED and still remains a preferred choice to some businesses which have specific needs where LED is not an ideal choice, such as high-heat environments.

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