There are many famous lighting brands that have been built on the back of fluorescent technology. As time marched on, it was almost impossible to look up overhead and not see long beams of light emitted from tubes of varying lengths.

indeed, this technology morphed into CFL, a compact version of tubes that started to replace more inefficient incandescent options. So successful were the energy savings that many governments rolled out CFL technology to households at subsidised process so as to reduce load on their power grids. Our own Eskom programs were quite successful at this.

However, the advances in LED technology saw even these efficiencies improved upon. There were also environmental concerns with mercury and the associated disposal but one significant issue was that lifespan was generally low and dimmable opportunities didn't exist.

T12 went to T8 and went down to T5 - the most efficient of the fluorescent technology. We continue to stock these trusted items and there are still markets and opportunities where the lamps are preferred. Horticultural, aquaponic, hydroponic and agricultural lighting is once specific sector where the wide light spectrum is difficult in more efficient LED designs.

T5 fluorescents have been a significant asset to our business and although stock levels are reducing as we migrate more and more to LED, we still have great, efficient lamps at really good prices.

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