LED has the ability to generate incredible savings in power consumption but there is still no better saving mechanism than 'off'. Or, more to the point, 'off when not needed'.

Health and Safety requirements have become an important part of a business and the related safety of their staff. Lighting is unquestionably a vital part of daily activity but inefficient use of lights is a cost burden - even if the technology being utilised can be considered efficient.

Sensors and intelligence monitoring systems have bridged the gap to even more incredible savings. From daylight harvesting to motion sensors to DALI to wireless networks and lattices, customised designs can now be easily installed to bring even lower demand and increase the lifespan of your lamps even further. Some, just at the touch of a button.

Although quite specialised, we have invested in lamp technology that can be individually controlled and retrofitted for improvements if your budgets don't allow it.


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