There are so many lighting products available on the market today that it has become difficult to determine the best solution for your business. So many promises are made by so many ‘start-ups’ and navigating this rapidly evolving market can be a minefield.

In order for our business to remain relevant, we have had to develop skills along with our experience throughout our business journey. Whilst we initially thought this was a convenient too have for our own use, it has turned out to be a proper business differentiator. All the services we offer are supported with actual qualifications, certifications and established institutions.

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In-depth audits of your facilities yielding data on consumption, cost and minimum safety standards


Certified designers work on the preferred solution and present rendered expectations of what your intervention would look like before light is upgraded


Our designers are certified to design emergency solutions to meet the expectations of SA Health and Safety compliance


We team up with reputable FINTECH businesses to provide customised payment plans without having to raise capital for your project