Econolight HIRACK LED Linear High Bay

As the demand for warehouses and Distribution Centres grow, efficient lighting in vast spaces has had to develop accordingly. Not only do these premises have a big footprint but technology has allowed racking, shelving and storage to climb higher and higher.

The Econolight HiRack solution is a linear LED high bay system that utilises different beam angles to ensure safe, focussed light levels on the ground as well as enough illumination on the product being stored for safe retrieval and scanning.

Conventional radial high bays lose spillover light if not installed correctly resulting in low target lumens on the floor and space where forklift drivers roam.

Our design team uses our HiRacks with all these considerations as well as sensor technology to improve savings even further. It is a specific product but a wide variety of power, sizes and beam angles ensure that new or retroffited installations are ideally efficient with a sustainable lifespan. Indeed, you need excellent solutions to combat higher temperatures in the roof so spending a bit more on better tech prevents a lot of very expensive downstream maintenance at height.

The ideal T-Bay replacement.

Please select specifications
Power Consumption: 90W / 100W / 120W / 150W / 180W
Driver Type: Meanwell or Sosen
Power Factor: 0.93
Surge Protection: Yes
Control Systems: Non-Dimmable / 1-10V Dimmable DALI Control / ZigBee Control Microwave or PIR motion Sensor Daylight Harvesting Sensor
Technology type: LED
Efficacy: 130 lms/W
Colour Temperature: 5000K (3000K, 4000K optional)
Colour Rendering Index: Ra70
Beam Angle: 30°x70° (default) ; 50°x90° ; 120° ; 40x120° ; 90°
Mounting Options: Wire (standard), Adjustable Pivot (optional), Static wall mount (optional)
Materials: Aluminium Alloy & Polycarbonate Lens
Finish: Electrophoresis
IP Rating: IP65
Operating temperature: -30°C to + 50°C
Expected Lifetime: 50 000hrs
Warranty: 5 years
Certifications: LOA for SA

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