Mesmerize ATLAS LED Floodlight 10W to 300W

Discreet but powerful and long lasting, this floodlight is perfectly suited for commercial and repetitive usage, but will be just as at home in your residence or garden.
The younger brother of the Elite, this floodlight is by no means little, with a massive 1KV or 2KV surge protection in a compact driver-on-board housing.
The design allows for auto-production which provides a truly stable, reliable and cost effectivesolution to the floodlight market.
It is rated up to 25,000 hours of life and has up to 100lumens/Watt. This product carries a 2-year warranty.
As with most of the Mesmerize Floodlights, the Atlas comes with a 1meter H05-graded cable and an oblique angled bracket for even easier and faster installations.
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Power Consumption: 10W to 300W
Driver Type: Driver-On-Board
Input Voltage: AC180-277V; 50/60Hz
Power Factor: 10W: 0.5 | 20W-300W: 0.9
Surge Protection: 10-30W: 1kV | 50-300W: 2kV
Technology type: LED
Luminous Flux: 10W: 900lm | 20W: 1800lm | 30W: 2700lm | 50W: 4500lm | 100W: 9000lm | 200W: 20,000lm | 300W: 30,000lm
Efficacy: 90-100lmW
Colour Temperature: 6500K
Colour Rendering Index: > 80
Beam Angle: 110°
Mounting Options: Mounting Bracket
Product Dimensions: 10W: 109x90x27 | 20W: 165x135x30 | 30W: 186x135x30 | 50W: 180x240x30 | 100W: 313x243x37 | 200W: 380x362x49 | 300W: 480x262x54
Materials: ADC12 Graded Aluminium
Ik Rating: IK07
IP Rating: IP65
Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Expected Lifetime: 25,000hr
Warranty: 2-year
Certifications: LOA / IEC / EMC / CE / ROHS