Aisle Lighting

Lighting Revolution recently installed our intelligent HiRack designs at a premium customer’s warehouse in the Western Cape. Specific aisle lighting was required for the install to illuminate lower and upper shelves so that evening shifts would be able to easily locate product and scan barcodes efficiently.

Before installation even happened, our lighting designers determined optimum beam angles to meet the needs of the client. These deigns were presented along with expected lumen levels for Health and Safety. Our designers take our promises very seriously: we also provided expectations of light levels 5 years after the warranty period. As all our lamps are provided with L70 expectations, we were able to determine and ensure that the lamps we were installing would continue to meet H&S legislation.

This ensured our customer would not have to reinvest technology prematurely for insurance and safety concerns. Another reason why premium product always ends up costing less down the line.

We were fortunate to work with a business that is very proactive in its strategy and thinking. Besides the original load reduction, our Econolight HiRacks were fitted with sensor technology to dim in standby and turn off if no presence was in the area. Using intelligent microwave technology, the system would pick up movement for any personnel underneath and immediately activate.

For a little bit more, our customer gets longer lifespan and further efficiencies without any compromise on Health and Safety requirements.