Ellies T5 LED Tubes


An unconventional solution for energy savings: A T8 tube with T5 pin connections allow these replacement lamps to be used in existing fittings by just bypassing lamp gear.

Available in 2 colour options but the same power rating is the same across both tube lengths: 24W

NB: Installers should be aware that existing T5 fittings might not be able to accommodate a T8 diameter tube before offering this as an energy-saving alternative.


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Power Consumption: 24W
Driver Type: Azotecq
Input Voltage: AC 220-240V
Power Factor: >0.95
Surge Protection: 1kV line->line
Control Systems: Non-dimming
Technology type: LED
Efficacy: 110 Lm/W
Colour Temperature: 4000K & 6000K
Colour Rendering Index: >80
Beam Angle: 240deg
Mounting Options: Plug and PLay
Product Dimensions: 4ft and 5ft options (20mm diam)
Net weight: 133g
Materials: Polycarbonate
Finish: Frosted
IP Rating: 20
Operating temperature: -20C to 40C
Expected Lifetime: 50 000hrs
Warranty: 5 years

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